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20 June World Refugee Day Messages

In scope of its 20 June World Refugee Day coverage, Migrant TV features international institutions operating in the field of migration. UNHCR, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, ILO, WHO and GIZ share their World Refugee Day messages via Migrant TV. Reminding that everyone has the right to live in conditions compatible with human dignity, we share with you 20 June World Refugee Day messages in hopes to continue striving for a world where there are no wars and where people do not have to leave their homeland.

UNHCR on World Refugee Day

UNHCR Turkey Spokesperson Selin Ünal: “International protection and the right to seek asylum, the right to claim asylum is a universal right for everyone. Every year of the last decade, we unfortunately have seen that the numbers of people forcibly displaced have climbed. So, this is very alarming for the whole world. This is also making us remember that it has to be an internationally-shared responsibility. Countries like Turkey who has been hosting large number of people in need of international protection, or other countries in the region, in the world need support much more than ever today.”

UNICEF on World Refugee Day

UNICEF Turkiye Emergency Coordinator Dragan Markovic:“Reflecting about the World Refugee Day, I want to share for the end of this short address a message that UNICEF, all our staff working in Turkey and globally always say on this occasion, “No matter what the status, a refugee, a migrant, a child is a child, a mother is a mother, a father is a father”. So the approach of our programmatic activities will continue to be to ensure that this is how we look at these people and join force to help them continue normally developing, thriving and accessing services they need.”

UNFPA on World Refugee Day

UNFPA Türkiye Humanitarian Programme Manager Nazlı Moral Uydu: “On the occasion of World Refugee Day, as UNFPA, we will continue delivering with our motto, “Leaving Noone Behind”; and will be supporting refugees and migrants in safe access to their rights and services mainly on health and protection, and more specifically will support the sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence services.”

UN Women on World Refugee Day

UN Women Türkiye Refugee Response Coordinator Safa Karataş: “We believe that 20 June World Refugee Day is an important day to understand the strength and courage of all refugees and women in particular who seek a safe life, to recall the truth that asylum is a fundamental human right, and to increase solidarity, and we greet all refugees with respect.”

WHO on World Refugee Day

WHO Türkiye Refugee Health Programme Technical Officer Dr. Bahadır Sucaklı: “The right to health is a universal right, and everybody has the right to live in the best health conditions possible, regardless of where they are, who they are, or whether they are on the move or living in their home country. Furthermore, people have the rights to protection, housing and security, and other rights, regardless of their whereabouts or status. 20 June World Refugee Day is an important date to remember all these.”

ILO on World Refugee Day

ILO Türkiye Promoting Decent Work Opportunities for Syrians under Temporary Protection and Turkish Citizens Project Manager Aida Lindmeier: “The ILO remains committed to promoting decent work and social justice for all, without any discrimination on the basis of nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or status. To achieve this, everyone has a role to play so that no one is left behind.”

GIZ on World Refugee Day

GIZ Türkiye Country Director Rubeena Esmail: “For the Refugee Day, I would like to emphasize that each one of us can become a refugee. Each one of us may need the help of another person. So, let us think about this Refugee Day as an important day to reflect on what each one of us is doing for their neighbors, for people coming from other countries, for people in need. I think it’s an obligation for each one of us to help each other, to integrate into the host communities, and to make sure that we feel one in the municipality and that we’re all part of a neighborhood, of a country, of the world. Only together we will manage a better future for all of us.”