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Migrant TV launched

The introductory meeting of Migrant TV, which started its new broadcasting period in scope of the “Disseminating Reliable Information to Refugees: Migrant TV Project”, implemented with the collaboration of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara and Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM), took place.

In the Launching Program of Migrant TV, which began with the opening speeches of Director General of Harmonization and Communication of the Presidency of Migration Management Dr. Gökçe Ok, Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Mission in Ankara Volkan Chih-Yang Huang, and ASAM Deputy General Coordinator Buket Bahar Dıvrak, the new broadcast period strategies were explained to the participants.

Media in the Field of Migration and Asylum

During the session on “Media in the Field of Migration and Asylum”, moderated by ASAM Deputy General Coordinator Atty. Ayşegül Yalçın Eriş, TGRT News Ankara Representative Ercan Gürses and Show TV News Ankara Representative Faruk Demirel discussed the use of correct terminology in the media, the ethical approach in news language, and the representation of the asylum seekers within the media, which all play a significant role in enabling the cohesion of asylum seekers with the community.

It was announced to the participants of the launching program that during the new broadcast period of the channel, it was aimed to reach a wider audience with the programs to be prepared in collaboration with local administrations, non-governmental organizations, universities and international organizations, that the Migrant TV would be expanding its scope of broadcasts to also include academic talks, current news in the field of civil society, climate awareness and culture-art and sports programs in its new broadcast period, and that ongoing and new projects, inspiring stories and examples of good practices would also be featured on Migrant TV.

During the program, attended by United Nations representatives, Ambassadors and international organizations, the visitors were introduced to Migrant TV’s newly established studios and its improved technical infrastructure. At the cocktail held at the closing session of the launching program, the participants were invited to engage in cooperation with Migrant TV in producing content where they could reach a wider audience to share the works and activities of their organizations.